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The electromagnetic modeller empymod can model electric or magnetic responses due to a three-dimensional electric or magnetic source in a layered-earth model with vertical transverse isotropic (VTI) resistivity, VTI electric permittivity, and VTI magnetic permeability, from very low frequencies (DC) to very high frequencies (GPR). The calculation is carried out in the wavenumber-frequency domain, and various Hankel- and Fourier-transform methods are included to transform the responses into the space-frequency and space-time domains.



The documentation of empymod can be found at empymod.readthedocs.io.

Installation & requirements

You can install empymod either via conda:

conda install -c prisae empymod

or via pip:

pip install empymod

Required are Python version 3.5 or higher and the modules NumPy and SciPy.

If you are new to Python I recommend using a Python distribution, which will ensure that all dependencies are met, specifically properly compiled versions of NumPy and SciPy; I recommend using Anaconda. If you install Anaconda you can simply start the Anaconda Navigator, add the channel prisae, and empymod will appear in the package list and can be installed with a click.


Lots of examples can be found in the example notebooks. A good way to get started is by following the Geophysical Tutorial from the April 2017 issue of The Leading Edge (source).


Head over to the empymod GitHub page if you would like to contribute or file a bug. See the documentation for more information in this regard.


If you publish results for which you used empymod, please give credit by citing Werthmüller (2017):

Werthmüller, D., 2017, An open-source full 3D electromagnetic modeler for 1D VTI media in Python: empymod: Geophysics, 82(6), WB9-WB19; DOI: 10.1190/geo2016-0626.1.

All releases have a Zenodo-DOI, provided on the release-page. Also consider citing Hunziker et al. (2015) and Key (2012), without which empymod would not exist.

License information

Copyright 2016-2019 Dieter Werthmüller

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE- and NOTICE-files on GitHub or the documentation for more information.